Sike! Nah, but really though...

I wouldn’t want to meet me in a dark alley lately. I am such a blonde bunch of aggression right now. I think it’s all because of derby, or the lack. I can’t skate for a minute and all the sudden I’m ready to rumble!

I couldn’t skate last week at a scrimmage because I did something doubleplusungood to my knee the week before. I didn’t take care of an older injury and ended up making it much worse. Boo! (No worries though, it’s on it’s way to healing up real good and proper this time.)

I watched the scrimmage between our ladies in green and a fan-fucking-tastic team from Louisville- DCRG. It was wrenching! On the one hand you got your total helplessness, there is no assisting from the sidelines. Then on the other hand- it’s so easy to learn from there. But fuck that blah blah learning shit- I want to play!

So, this is our plan to get off the sidelines, and stay off the sidelines. Ready! OK!

Firstly, take care of yourself and all your movable parts. You play a fucking contact sport so take your vitamins. Do good things; drink water, get in shape and stay in shape, fix your injuries, get big and strong. RAWR!

Secondly, this is a team sport so be a team player. Push yourself to be the best, most reliable player you can be. Just like you hope somebody is holding the line because you’re going out to get the jammer, they are looking to you to bust ass to the front of the pack or meet them with a wall that works. Be good lookin’ out an shit.

And third of all, don’t give up. Don’t give up. No matter what happens, if you give up you most def are not going to be helpful. Did I mention it’s bad to give up? I may have written about that before but just in case, don’t ever give up!

Now I’m off to push over little kids on their bikes and use bad language.